Buncha Brazilian Babes Busting Booty

If you're into big butts and if you also are into hot Brazilian babes, you're going to bust your nut when you see this shit. These fucking sluts must be everywhere! Get on the next fucking plane to Brazil and go fuck some of these Whoooors! They're everywhere, you can order them at McDonalds!

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Natasha and Rosa Get Double Teamed

We brought this pair of hotties back to the beach house and decided to just all fuck right there in the same place. What better of a day can you possibly have than to find some beautiful Brazilian big booty babes and bang the shit out of them with your best friend?

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Big Butt Brazilian Babe Marcela

We've got yet another hot big booty Brazilian babe here. This is Marcela. She's a freaky slut and I had more fun with this girl than any girl I have fucked in awhile. Her pussy was so damn nice and she sucked the finest cock imaginable. You're going to have fun watching this one.

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Plump Rumped Vivian and Emily

These two hot Brazilian babes names are Vivian and Emily, I think. It was difficult to understand these two sluts, especially with a huge dick in their mouths. But that's not important right now. What's important is that these two Brazilian bombshells pack their bags and follow me back to the states so I can fuck the shit out of them whenever I like. You'll love these two.

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Moura Got Some Nice Mounds

If you're into big butt Brazilian babes, you're going to enjoy this one. Moura is the typical big booty Brazilian and has once of the best fat asses you'll fuck in a long time. This chick is tough to satisfy, she loves dick so much she fucked the entire crew and was still begging for more. You'll dig this one.

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Brazilian Babes Shirly and Adriana

More of the finest booty in the world for you in this one. We had to travel far far away to Brazil to find asses like this. Not just one either. Here's two perfect big butt Brazilian hoes to bend over and blow your load all over those big round bubble booties!

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Big Ass Agatha From Brazil

This was one of the chicks I met at a bar when we were in Brazil. Her ass was so phat, she was leaning over the bar to get a drink and her pants were so tight, I got caught glaring! She said something I didn't understand and I just smiled and nodded yes with a somewhat goofy look on my face. She knew I didn't understand her broken English and grabbed my hand and planted it firmly on her ass cheek. We had a couple drinks, went up to my room and fucked the entire night. Man, this bitch could suck some crazy ass dick.

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Nany Needs More Nut

On our trip to Brazil we met a lot of hot slutty girls, most of which had heavy accents so it was nearly impossible to make out their first name, let alone their last names. So we'll just call her Nany. Anyhow, one thing these girls all have in common is they love Americans and they love dick. So what better, than a huge American fat black cock for them to suck and fuck. You'll love this one.

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Bangin Brazilians Sofia and Monique

These two bangin Brazilian babes both have ginormous Brazilian asses that they just can't get enough dick inside of. Watch these two sluts get fucked by one of the biggest black dicks they've ever fucked in their lives. You're going to wish you were this dude for sure.

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Anny Got A Big Fat Fanny

Meet Anny. Anny's got a big fat fanny! And anny'where than Anny's fanny's tanning, you'll find me spying nearby, holding my bananny! And Anny's no tranny, arrgh, nevermind... enough of that already. Anny is hot as fuck and that's about all I have to say here. Enjoy.

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Gabi Gobbling A Giant Cock

This hot and horny Brazilian babe's name is Gabi. As do many of these hot Brazilians, Gabi's got one of those super fine big round tan booties and let me just tell you, that booty loves getting fucked. This chick is horny as fuck and is ready to suck and fuck anytime.

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Alejandra & Granny Blanca

So Granny Blanca couldn't speak a lick of English, but she wanted to meet my new boyfriend. I told her she would have to come with me but that she needed to dress sexy because hey, my boyfriend loves to look at women! Now, I know my granny is a little bit freaky, she loves flirting with all the guys she meets, she acts like she is sex starved, but I never figured she would want to watch me and my boyfriend fucking! I don't know how it happened, but the next thing is my Granny walks into the bedroom half naked and starts in on a threesome with me and my boyfriend! I couldn't believe it! Anyway, watch this awesome video with my Granny, my boyfriend and me here at Jenny and Jill, you'll love it!

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If there's one thing that I just fucking love Brazil for, it's for all the hotties with the fine phat asses. Vivian's ass was one of those asses that you wouldn't be able to avoid even if you wanted to. This stocking loving chick pushes that thing right into your lap and makes you do all sorts of dirty stuff with it. I definitely didn't have a problem with that.

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Dark-haired, dark-eyed but a full-blooded Brazilian beauty, Virginia shows off her bikini and her bangin' body before moving on to the main event. She's more than willing, and able, to take it all no matter how small or, in the case of her costar, how big. Watch this scene, and you'll know that these ladies are born ready when it comes to carnal relations.

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Veronika is this cock hungry Brazilian girl that I met at the local bar. Told her she had this gorgeous ass, asked if she wanted to show it off on camera, gave her my card, and she showed up the next day wearing a coat - with this outfit underneath. Well, she showed off her ass allright, not to mention, her cocksucking skills, and her riding skills. Veronika even said she would use a dildo as long as I used my big one in her pussy - now what guy is gonna turn down an offer like that? I loved fucking this latin whore, and I hope to do it again!

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Vanessa Dee & Carol

Vanessa and Carol were like fire and ice in their personalities, but that just made it all the more hotter when I got the both of them in bed with me. Women like these make me love Brazil more and more - you just can't pass up how incredible hot they are, along with the fact that they are very sexually uninhibited.

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This tanlined Brazilian amateur was very receptive to my advances. And by receptive, I mean this crazy bitch threw her clothes at me and pushed her chest out. A bit unorthodox, but hey - I can't say that I can really complain when the pussy is that fucking nice. Did I mention she demanded both a threesome and anal out of me?

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Tashana is a Brazilian girl with a dream - a dream of fucking two black dudes at once. Now I've always been one to help make dreams happen, so I took her in hand, led her to my place, and introduced her to a friend of mine. Not only did this Brazilian threesome happen just like she wanted it, I discovered that she knew some truly mind blowing things about giving head.

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